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Gems Of Good Behaviour

  • Be in time for school daily.
  • Keep your hand, face and hair clean.
  • Keep your clothes and books neat and tidy.
  • Do not write on walls and furniture.
  • Keep your hands and feet away from the walls.
  • Put papers and fruit skins in proper containers
  • Do not play on verandahs or in class rooms.
  • Say ‘Please’ when you want something.
  • Say ‘Thank you’ when you receive something.
  • If you have to interrupt a conversation say “Please excuse me”.
  • Do not look into class rooms when you pass by.
  • Do not stand near elders when they are talking.
  • Do not carry tales. It causes misunderstanding, unpleasantness and quarrels.
  • Do not take anything that does not belong to you.
  • Be gentle and polite with your companions, and respectful to your teachers and elders.